Federico ALtieri

Federico Altieri

Post-doc in Information Engineering @ Vandinlab @ Dei, Unipd

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Hi! I am Federico Altieri, and I am a postdoc in Information Engineering at the Vandin Lab laboratories at the Department of Information Engineering of the University of Padova.

My research is currently in advanced algorithmic, data mining and bioinformatics.

In the past, while researching at the Sound and music computing laboratories, I had the occasion to work in the fields of preservation and conservation of the cultural heritage, gamification, interactive technologies for teaching and rehabilitation.

Active Projects

Past works

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Avatar Project

The project developed a software architecture designed to present discrimination tests to pre-school children in the form of gamified tasks.

In the proposed architecture,the dialogue system controls a gaming setup composed of a virtual agent and a robotic companion that needs to be taught how to talk. This learning-by-teaching approach is used to camouflage a phonemes discrimination test that has the added value of being generated at runtime on the basis of the child’s performance.

This work was subject of the paper exposed at the Goodtechs 2018 conference.

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Good or Bad? A cooperative game for music listening

The "Good or Bad?" Project is developed ho introduce users to an alternative and educative form of music listening.

Starting from an initial fragment, one player has to step through an enactive learning space to discover other fragments, while another player decides if all fragments he/she hears can be part of the same song (i.e. they are concordant).

A very first version of the tool was showed with a huge success at the European Night of research on last Sept. 25th.

"Good or Bad?" was subject of publications on BJET journal, part of my Ph.D. thesis and exposed in various conferences

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IPPSA 2015

This Workshop reunited world-renown experts in the fields of archivistic and computer science, in order to discuss the importance of "digital philology"" in the sound heritage preservation task.

The goal was starting a systematic discussion that will, hopefully, lead to the formalization of an interdisciplinary research area, namely that of "digital philology", with a specific focus on the preservation and restoration of historical audio recordings.

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Work Experience

Postdoc - VandinLab @ DEI @ University of Padua (Nov 2018 - Current)

Research area: advanced algorithms and bioinformatics.

Ph.D. Student - SMC @ DEI @ University of Padua (Nov 2014 - Nov 2018)

Research area: preservation and conservation of the cultural heritage recorded in hystorical sound documents.

Software Engineer - MBM Italia Srl (May 2012 - Oct 2014)

Software analyzing and development. Data warehouse management and report design.