Weather Permitting - a week on the Faroe Islands: Day3 - Vagar


This is the day of the atlantic storm, they said at the tourist office. We are leaving Tórshavn, we are headed to Eysturoy, the second largest island of the archipelago. During the trip we will visit the island of Vagar

Morning - Vágar and Gásadalur
We are driving along the south coast of Vágar. The islet of vertical rock rising from the waters is Tindhólmur
2007:08:04 12:37:58 (italian time)

Morning - Vágar and Gásadalur
The lighthouse at the entrance of Sørvagsfjørður. The stack is named Drangarnir
2007:08:04 12:42:01 (italian time)

Morning - Vágar and Gásadalur
The islet of Gashólmur in the mist
2007:08:04 12:42:53 (italian time)

Morning - Vágar and Gásadalur
We've reached Gásadalur. The wind is incredibly strong now and it's raining, we need the extra-pants!

Morning - Vágar and Gásadalur
To reach the amphitheater of Gásadalur we drove through that narrow tunnel (really narrow, one lane with some passing places)
2007:08:04 13:02:46 (italian time)

Morning - Vágar and Gásadalur
The tunnel was built in 2003, before that Gásadalur was only reached through the old post route on these cliffs
2007:08:04 13:13:27 (italian time)

Morning - Vágar and Gásadalur
The wind is even stronger now
2007:08:04 13:21:45 (italian time)

Morning - Vágar and Gásadalur
They were right at the tourist office this morning: there's an atlantic storm coming
2007:08:04 13:35:42 (italian time)

Morning - Vágar and Gásadalur
A beautiful view of Gásadalur from the tunnel entrance. See the vaporized water at the bottom: it's a small waterfall which has been turned upwards by the wind!
2007:08:04 14:33:13 (italian time)

Afternoon - Eiði
We've traveled all the way north to Eiði on Eysturoy. The atlantic storm is getting worse, it's simply impossible to stay outside now - the weather is not permitting. Last picture of the day from our hotel: a small tent obliterated by the storm. Pity that we didn't take the faces of the owners when they came back ;-)
2007:08:04 16:46:19 (italian time)

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