Who's the anarchist?

December 12, 1969: a bomb exploded in Fontana square, Milano, and killed 17 people. Three days later Pietro Valpreda (1932-2002), a milanese anarchist, was arrested: he was said to be the man who brought the bomb inside the bank. A taxi driver recognized him among five people during a blind comparison, and Valpreda was accused based on this very only evidence.

Investigations and trials went on for decades. In brief, Pietro Valpreda and a few other anarchists were finally declared innocent and far-right neo fascists were instead accused. Read the long story.

This old photo was taken during that very first blind comparison: it depicts Pietro Valpreda together with four policemen. The taxi driver had to look at all of them and to recognize Pietro Valpreda.

Well try yourself. Imagine you were the taxi driver, look at the photo and guess: who's the anarchist?

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