I just released the first public version of experiment-reporter, a
Java library for easy reporting of experimental results.

When we perform experiments, our software usually produces lots of
logs from which we have to extract the information we are interested
into. This is usually accomplished with an ad-hoc combination of tools
like grep, awk and the like or, worse, manually.

While this approach works, it has the downside that it has to be
tweaked for every different experiment and results from different runs
have to be manually combined for further analysis.

This library aims to automate and standardize this time consuming
phase of the experimental process. The application will store the
results of the experiment in an object that will take care of
exporting it in various formats. The files produced are amenable to
further analysis with other tools, such as
IPython or Incanter.

Currently the library supports the following formats:

  • Plain text (for console output)
  • Emacs Org mode files
  • JSON
  • EDN

For more details take a look at the
source code is available at Github.