Claudio Cobelli


Claudio Cobelli is Full Professor of Biomedical Engineering at University of Padova since 1981. From 2000 to 2011 he has been Chairman of the Graduate Program in Biomedical Engineering and of the Ph.D. Program in Bioengineering at the University of Padova. His main research activity is in the field of modeling and identification of physiological systems, especially the glucose system in diabetes. His research is currently supported by NIH, JDRF and European Comunity. He has published 531 papers in internationally refereed journals, co-author of 8 books and holds 10 patents with an h-index of 79 (Scopus) and 99 (Google). He is currently Associate Editor of IEEE Transaction on Biomedical Engineering and Journal of Diabetes Science & Technology. He is on the Editorial Board of Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics. Dr.Cobelli has been Chairman (1999-2004) of the Italian Biomedical Engineering Group, Chairman (1990-1993 & 1993-1996) of IFAC TC on Modeling and Control of Biomedical Systems and member of the IEEE EMBS AdCom Member (2008-2009). In 2010 he received the Diabetes Technology Artificial Pancreas Research Award. He is Fellow of IEEE and BMES.



Prof. Claudio Cobelli
Department of Information Engineering
University of Padova
Via Gradenigo 6/A
35131 Padova, Italy
Voice: +39 049 8277661 - Fax: +39 049 8277826


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The Biomedical Engineering Group at the Department of Information Enginnering of the University of Padova
Italian Biomedical Engineering Group of the National Research Council  (GNB)

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