Tomaso Erseghe

Assistant Professor (Ricercatore)

University of Padova
Dept. of Information Engineering
via G. Gradenigo 6/b, 35131, Padova, Italy


Bi-awgn code from SPECTRE
Finite-blocklength-regime matlab tools
Distributed OPF matlab tools

This animated gif shows an example of 2D fractional Fourier transform (FRFT). The reference picture is the blue circle with a bright cross, while the frames show FRFTs taken at multiples of 0.1. The Fourier transform is the tiny blue dot.


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Research interests

recent: coding in the finite blocklength regime
distributed signal processing
smart grid optimization
cooperative localization

former: ultra-wideband systems (PHY layer)
spectral analysis of complex modulation formats
fractional Fourier transforms
video archive restauration

Channel Coding
Padova University Press, 2016


Channel coding, 1st semester 16/17
Segnali e sistemi, 2nd semester 16/17

the teaching material is available from (but you need an account at