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CURRICULUM VITAE of Giorgio Spiazzi

Giorgio Spiazzi, born in Legnago (VR) in 1962, graduated cum laude in Electronic Engineering at the University of Padova in 1988 with a thesis entitled:

" Semiconductor laser driver for analog applications".

In 1990, he started his PhD program at the University of Padova working with the Power Electronic Group directed by Profs.. Luigi Malesani and Paolo Tenti. In 1992, he spent six months at the Virginia Power Electronics Center of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, in Blacksburg - working under the direction of prof. Fred C. Lee. In that period, he attended to a course on "Resonant and soft-switching converters" and he worked on a three-phase soft switched ac/dc converter with high power factor.

In 1992 he achieved the PhD degree with a dissertation entitled: "Dc/dc converters and high power factor rectifiers: topologies and advanced control techniques".

In 1993 he became a researcher in Applied Electronics. His main activities are in the field of Power Electronics and particularly on advanced control techniques for dc/dc converters, single-phase and three-phase power factor correctors, soft-switching converters, and electromagnetic compatibility issues in power electronics

In 1997, he worked as visiting professor at the University of Campina (Brasil) doing reasearches in collaboration with prof. Josè Antenor Pomilio in the field of line-frequency commutated power factor correctors.

In 2000 he continued his collaboration with prof. Pomilio and he was invited at the University of Santa Caterina (Brasil) for a seminar on "advanced control techniques of SMPS".

Giorgio Spiazzi is also co-author of a tutorial on Electromagnetic Compatibility in Power Electronics presented at Aalborg University (Denmark) for the Danfoss Professor Programme in Power Electronics and Drives.

The same tutorial was also given in 2001 at different Indian IEEE Chapters together with Prof. Paolo Tenti in the Distiguished Lecture programme.

His research activity is proved by more than sixty papers published in international conferences and IEEE Transactions.






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