Talk at Postdoctoral Research in Informatics July 8th 2015

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Icon Since September 2010 I'm a research collaborator at University of Padova. In April 2015 I received my Ph.D. in Information and Communication Technology at the Department of Information Engineering of the University of Padova with advisor is Prof. Gianfranco Bilardi. I received my Master and Bachelor degree in Computer Enginnering in 2009 and 2006 (respectively) at the University of Padova. Between February and August 2010 I worked as a consultant at Avanade s.r.l. in Milano, Italy before starting my academic career at the Advanced Computing Group.

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Icon My main research interest is on bioinformatics and high perfromance computing. I'm actually working on alignment and assembly using Next Generation Sequencing data. In the past I worked on Distributed Hash Table for unstructured P2P networks in collaboration with Federica Bogo and Enoch Peserico (my master thesis advisor).

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Icon I put here some technical information concerning programming and related stuff. They will take the form of little guides and brief description of technical aspects. The idea is to maintain an archive of little technicalities that I found useful during my research activities. Please bear in mind that they are far away from being exhaustive guides or tutorials or articles and they should be used as they are, feel however free to contact me whether you may think it's appropriate and, of course, any kind of suggestions are well accepted and considered.

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