Big Data Computing (6 CFU - 48h)
Class 2: ID's last digit 5-9
A.A. 2019/2020
Francesco Silvestri

In case only a few students register for a written test, the test may be substituted by an oral exam.

Instructions for online exams are given in: StudentExamInstructions.pdf

Format: Date--Time--Classroom

  • Session 1

    • Written exam: 22/06/2020--15.00--Online via Moodle+Zoom
    • Orals: 26/06/2020--09.00--Online via Zoom

  • Session 2

    • Written exam: 13/07/2020--14.30--Online via Moodle+Zoom
    • Orals: 16/07/2020--09.00--Online via Zoom

  • Session 3

    • Written exam: 08/09/2020--10.00--Online via Moodle+Zoom
    • Orals: 11/09/2020--09.00--Online via Zoom

  • Session 4

    • Written exam: 22/02/2021--10.30--Online via Moodle+Zoom
    • Orals: 25/02/2021--14.00--Online via Zoom

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