Big Data Computing (6 CFU - 48h)
Class 2: ID's last digit 5-9
A.A. 2019/2020
Francesco Silvestri


The purpose of the three homeworks is to guide the students through a learning path from the familiarization with Apache Spark, a popular programming framework for big data processing, to the engineering and testing of some relevant data analysis primitive on large datasets, using Spark on the university cloud (CloudVeneto).

Homeworks are done in groups of 2-3 students. Each homework comes with: an assignment date, a deadline, typically 3 weeks after assignment, and the max number of points it gives. Deadlines are soft in the sense that homeworks can be completed after the deadline. However, a group that completes all homeworks within the respective deadlines receives 1 extra point in the final evaluation. For more details, see the page on exam rules. A homework is considered completed within its deadline if the required file(s) are submitted no later than 23.59 of the deadline date.

Homework 1 (Assigned: 29/03/20 -- Deadline: 19/04/20 -- max 2 pt.)

Homework 2 (Assigned: 26/04/20 -- Deadline: 17/05/20 -- max 3 pt.)

Homework 3 (Assigned: 25/05/20 -- Deadline: 17/06/20 -- max 3 pt.)

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