More about me

Not only research

I like to spend a lot of time with my wonderful family: I have been married with Elisa Salvagnin since Spring 2009 and we have three children: Emanuele (2013), Caterina (2017), and Ambra (2021).

I lived in Copenhagen for 2.5 years from 2013 to 2016 (with a break in the middle) and I love the city and the Danish society. I enjoyed biking a Nihola bike to carry kids and stuff around in Copenhagen, but unfortunately it is impossible to bike it in Padova and now I use a Babboe Big in Padova.

When I had more free time I enjoyed fencing (epee, foil), running marathons and cross-country skiing. Now, I play a lot with my kids and barely go jogging.

I’m a supporter of clown care in hospitals and I’m a clown doctor of the Dottor Clown Padova association.