Integrated Circuits and Systems

Research activities:

  • Ultra low power radios for Internet of Things: design and prototyping of fully integrated transceivers based on UWB Impulse Radio technology for short-range, low data-rate applications with extremely demanding power and energy constraints.
  • Front-ends for microwave medical imaging: design and prototyping of fully integrated transceivers for Stepped-Frequency Continuous-Wave radar conceived for breast cancer imaging. The transceivers basically implement a VNA-on-chip. The SFCW radar concept can be adapted to several other applications, like different types of medical imaging, ground-penetrating radar, nondestructive evaluations of materials.
  • Radio frequency circuits for wide band applications: desing and prototyping of integrated building blocks for X-band, high-resolution radars; frequency generation for K-band and E-band cellular network backhaul; wide band transceivers for 5G multi-standard radios.


People: Andrea Neviani (contact person), Andrea Bevilacqua, Andrea Gerosa, Daniele Vogrig

  • Study of the interface betweed microelectronics and biological materials: analysis of the effects og biological components on electrical and optical parameters, using both numerical modeling and different transduction strategies, e.g., electrochemistry and plasmonics.
  • Devices for biological analysis and investigation: design, study, developments and characterization of new integrated microsystems able to actively and passively interact with biologic substances, in order to improve biological analysis techniques for the detection of specific target molecules.

People: Alessandro Paccagnella (contact person)

  • Permanent radiation effects in advanced CMOS technologies: study of the microdose effects induced by heavy-ion strikes on decananometer Silicon On Insulator (SOI) transistors; effects of radiation total dose on circuits employed in space applications and high energy physics experiments; Single Event Gate Rupture (SEGR) experiments on CMOS devices.
  • Radiation effects in volatile and non-volatile memories: study of radiation-induced phenomena in floating-gate memories; single event upset (SEU) and total ionizing dose (TID) in SRAM memories as a function of radiation type, supply voltage, radiation incidence angle, and temperature; real-time experiments with Flash memories to investigate the effect of radiation on Phase Change Memories.


People: Alessandro Paccagnella (contact person), Simone Gerardin