X-Disciplinary Topics

Research activities:

  • BCI/BMI for post-stroke motor rehabilitation
  • BCI for Focal Hand Dystonia: design and implementation of the most efficient platform for the functional recovery of the hand.

Homepage: http://dgt.dei.unipd.it

People: Silvano Pupolin (contact person)

Biometric signals, like blood pressure, heart rate, gait, posture and so on, enclose a wealth of information related to the person and his/her mental and physical conditions. The objective of this research topic is to extract this information and use it for different purposes, such as subject identification, early risk detection of health problems, and so on.

  • Subject identification via biometric signals signature
  • Activity recognition via multi-signal analysis
  • Preliminary screening of mental impairments via biometric data processing
  • ICT-based cognitive training systems

Homepage: http://dgt.dei.unipd.it

People: Michele Rossi (contact person), Andrea Zanella

Microfluidic systems are currently used in the form of Lab-on-chip (LoC) in the medical and biomedical domains to realize a number of processes, from DNA analysis to cellular synthesis. This research topic aims at developing purely hydrodynamic modules to interconnect microfluidics LoCs in more complex networks and to study the possibility of using this technology to carry information.

  • Characterization of microfluidic channels
  • Information encoding in droplets
  • Communication protocols design and modelling
  • Experimentation

Homepage: https://www.facebook.com/Minet2013

People: Andrea Zanella (contact person)