Blog posts

  • Tutorial on OpenCV Android tutorials

    There are several tutorials on how to make OpenCV work on Android but, apparently, it’s not as straightforward as it seems. This tutorial shows how to make the samples provided with the OpenCV
    Android SDK work under AndroidStudio 2.2.3, in particular the second sample “tutorial-2-mixedprocessing”.

  • IPDPS paper available for download

    Our IPDPS16 paper titled “A Practical Parallel Algorithm for Diameter
    Approximation of Massive Weighted Graphs
    ” is available for download

  • Managing OpenLilyLib Versions

    Managing multiple projects depending on different versions of
    OpenLilyLib can sometimes get tricky. This post introduces a little
    wrapper for lilypond, called
    ollc, to automatically handle such

  • experiment-reporter-0.1.0 released

    I just released the first public version of experiment-reporter, a
    Java library for easy reporting of experimental results.