Filippo Carnovalini

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About me

I am a PhD Student at the school of Brain, Mind and Computer Science, University of Padua.

In September 2018 I graduated cum laude at the master degree in Computer Science from the Department of Mathematics of the University of Padua, where I also got my bachelor degree.

Aside from the University, I had a musical education at the Conservatory "Cesare Pollini" where I attended the Base Course in Mandolin. In my spare time I also like to fold Origamis, and I co-founded the university theatre group "Beolco-Ruzzante".



Computational Creativity is a multidisciplinary field that unites Computer Scientists, Engineers, Philosophers, Psychologists and Artists with the common goal of understanding how human creativity works, and if it can be replicated on a machine. When applied to the field of music, one of the most common questions is whether a computer is capable of composing music on its own.

My studies focus on Algorithmic Composition, based on the automated study of hierarchical structures in music, hoping to create a meta-description level of melodic and harmonic structures that can help create music by computer that is both novel and human-like.

Selected Publications

  • Filippo Carnovalini and Antonio Rodà. 2020. Computational Creativity and Music Generation Systems: An Introduction to the State of the Art. In Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence 3, 14. Frontiers, Lausanne, Switzerland. DOI: 10.1145/3243274.3243301
  • Federico Simonetta, Filippo Carnovalini, Nicola Orio, and Antonio Rodà. 2018. Symbolic Music Similarity through a Graph-Based Representation. In Audio Mostly 2018: Sound in Immersion and Emotion. ACM, New York, NY, USA, 7 pages. DOI: 10.1145/3243274.3243301
  • Filippo Carnovalini, supervisor Antonio Rodà. 2018. Development and Evaluation of an Algorithm for Automatic Melodic Reduction. Master Thesis.


If you want to contact me, you can send me an email at filippo.carnovalini [at]

Here is also a link to my official personal PhD program page.

If you are instead interested in my theatre group, here is a link to the Compagnia Ruzzante website (in Italian).