Curriculum vitae Zimi Sawacha




Family name, First name: Sawacha Zimi

Researcher unique identifier(s) (such as ORCID, Research ID, etc. ...): 587412 ORCID iDs

Date of birth: Date of Birth                30 May 1973

Marital Statues:                      Married with 3 children (children date of birth: 2004, 2007, 2011)

Nationality                  Italian

Language                    English and Italian mother tongue. Speaks Spanish fluently and also some French.

URL for web site:

Maternity leaves: October 2004-Jenuary 2005; Jenuary 2007-April 2007; May 2011- October 2011



2000: Mechanical Engineer Master Degree/University of Padova/Italy, with the Thesis “Experimental Methods for Biomechanical Analysis and Gait Clinical Evaluation”: project of a force platform.

2002: State examination for the admission to the College of Engineers/ University of Padova/Italy.

2007: PhD Degree in Bioengineering/ University of Padova/Italy, with the Thesis “An Integrated Kinematics, Kinetics, Plantar Pressure Method and its Application To Diabetic Foot Prevention”  


                    CURRENT POSITION(S)

2011-ongoing: Research fellow at the University of Padova/Padova/Italy.

                    PREVIOUS POSITIONS

2001-2002: Research Fellow at Center for Rehabilitation Technology,Helen Hayes Hospital/New York/USA

2003-2004: Research Fellow at Istituti Ortopedici Rizzoli/ Bologna/Italy.

2007-2011: Postdoc fellowship/ University of Padova/Italy.

September 2009: Exchange visitor at the University of Washington/Seattle/USA (Prof. Peter Cavanagh)



2001: CIRRIE travel grant at The Center for Rehabilitation Technology on Optimizing Posture, Trunk Control and Reach of Wheelchair Users/ Helen Hayes Hospital/ New York (to do collaborative research in conjunction with the project Optimizing Posture, Trunk Control and Reach of Wheelchair Users)

2005: Finalist Start Cup Competition 2005, team leader of Move2Know with the project syncroplate.

2009: Supervisor of the Best Master Thesis in Motion analysis in clinics 2009 awarded by the Itlalian society of motion analysis in clinics (SIAMOC)

2010: co-author of BTS Bioengineering/SIMFER Award: 17st PRM European Congress/38° National Congress, Venice 23rd-27th may 2010.

2010: co-author of the Young Researcher Award 2010 of the SIAMOC Conference 2010.

2012: Senior Post-Doc fellowship/University of Padova/Padova/Italy with the project “Developement of a foot multiscale model for diabetic foot prevention”

2012: Co-Supervisor of the Best Master Thesis in Motion analysis in clinics 2012 awarded by the SIAMOC

2013: Co-Supervisor of the Best Master Thesis in Motion analysis in clinics 2013 awarded by the SIAMOC



2006 – 2007 Supervisor of 2 Master Thesis in Bioengineering,2 Bachelor Thesis in Biomedical Engineering

2000-2014 Supervisor of complessively 100 Thesis in: Master degree in Biomedical Engineering, Master degree in Kinesiology, Bachelor degree in Kinesiology.

2014 External Jury Member of the Doctoral School of Biomedical Sciences/ Kuleuven /Leuven/Belgium


                    TEACHING ACTIVITIES

2006-2007 Professor of Bioengineering of Motion/ Master degree in Biomedical Engineering/ University of Padova/Italy.

2004-2010 Teaching classes of Bioengineering of Movement/ Master degree in Biomedical Engineering/ University of Padova/Italy

2004-2014 Teaching classes of Bioengineering of Movement/ Master degree in Kinesiology/ University of Padova/Italy.

2009-2014 Teaching classes of Laboratory of Bioengineering of Movement/ Master degree in Kinesiology/ University of Padova/ Italy.

2009-2014 Teaching classes of Bioengineering of Movement and of Bioengineering of Movement Laboratory/ Bachelor degree in Kinesiology, University of Padova/Italy.

2010-2011 Teaching classes of Bioengineering of Movement/Department of Environmental Medicine and Public Health/ University of Padova/Italy.

2010/2011 Teaching classes of Bioengineering of Movement/Department of Medical and Surgical Specialties/ Clinic of Orthopedics/ University of Padova/Italy.



2014-2015      President of SIAMOC 2015/Padova/Italy


                    COMMISSIONS OF TRUST

2007 –             on-going Review panel member of the following Journals: Gait and Posture/ Journal of Biomechanics/ Journal of Neuroengineering and Rehabilitation/ Aging/ Plos One/ Medical Engineering & Physics/ Medical & Biological Eng & Computing/ Journal of Mechanics in Medicine and Biology/ Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers- Part H-/ Journal of Engineering in Medicine/ International Journal of Diabetes in Developing Countries/ Journal of Diabetes and Its Complications/ Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology/ Bio-Medical Materials and Engineering/ Brazilian Journal of Physical Therapy

2009-2013 Member of Italian Society of movement analysis in clinic (SIAMOC) Consensus Conference



2000- on-going           Member, BIOMCH-L

2002 – 2003 Member, IEEE

2002-2007 Member  Italian College of Engineer

2002-ongoing Member, Biomechanics European Lab virtual community “vrlab”

2004 –on-going           Member,  Itlalian Society of Motion Analysis in Clinics  SIAMOC

2004 – on-going Member, International Foot & Ankle Biomechanics Community iFAB

2004- on-going Member, Italian National Bioengineering Group GNB”

2005 – 2006 Member, Europian Society of Motion Analysis in Clinics  Esmac”

2011-ongoing Member, Virtual Physiological Human,”VPH”

2013-2014 Member, International Society of Biomechanics, ISB


                    MAJOR COLLABORATIONS (if applicable)

A Avogaro, PhD/ A Ermolao, PhD Dept of Medicine, University of Padova/Padova/Italy; A Leardini, PhD, Prof MG Benedetti, Istituti Ortopedici Rizzoli/Bologna/Italy; S Corazza, PhD, Mixamo/ S Francisco/USA; S Fantozzi, PhD, G Gatta PhD Dept of Kinesiology/ R Stagni, PhD, Dept of Electric, Electronic and Information Engineering University of Bologna/Italy; dott. S Peharec, PhD, Policlinika Peharec/Pola/Croatia; M Ferrarin, PhD, M Rabuffetti, PhD, Polo Tecnologico, IRCSS, Don Gnocchi/Milano/Italy; Prof. M Knaflitz, VAgostini, PhD, Politecnic of Turin/ Turino/Italy; Prof. E Menegatti, M Reggiani, PhD/University of Padova/Italy; BTS S.r.l./Padova/Italy; I Jonkers, Department of Kinesiology/ KU Leuven/ Belgium; Prof. M Viceconti, C Mazzà, PhD, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering/ University of Sheffield/Sheffield/UK; Prof C Nester/ Centre for Health Sciences Research/University of Salford, Salford/UK; A Cappozzo, PhD G Vannozzi, PhD, U della Croce, PhD/ Interuniversity Centre of Bioengineering of the Human Neuromusculoskeletal System/ Rome/Italy



2001-2002: Investigator in the project “Optimizing Posture, Trunk Control and Reach of Wheelchair Users”/ National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research and New York State Dept of Health/NY/USA

2003-2004: Europian Project “Multimod simulation of multiple medical-imaging modalities. A new paradigm for virtual representatation of muscolo-skeletal structures”, FP6/IOR/Bologna/Italy

2004-2006: Europian Project “Myheart”, 6° Program/University of Padova/Italy

2007-2009: PRIN 2007, “Mobility assessment, age and physiscal activity related mobility variations assessment of adults through ambulatory and daily living monitoring” /National project/Italy

2009-2011: UNIPD_Project “Diabetic foot prevention through biomechanics analysis and custom foot orthotics” / National project/University of Padova/ Italy

2011-2012: UNIPD_Project “Models of pancreas betacells turnover”/ University of Padova/ Italy

2012-2014: UNIPD_Project “Developement of a foot multiscale model for diabetic foot prevention”


Early achievements track-record

Recognition and diffusion

Dr Zimi Sawacha is author of 19 articles on peer-review journals (a total of 130 citations), 2 book’s chapters (invited) and 163 abstracts in conference proceedings. H-index value of 7 on scopus and a self calculated H-index of 8, because scopus doesn’t account for the last published paper (Ceseracciu et al 2014). Oral presentation at peer-reviewed national (3) and international (12) conferences: 15.


Personal Interest

Dance (1998-2000 ballet figurant @ Fenice Teather, Venice, Italy) and painting