Multiple JPEG Compressions Detector Web Site

This page aims at providing software material for the paper

Simone Milani, Marco Tagliasacchi and Stefano Tubaro (2014).
Discriminating multiple JPEG compressions using first digit features.
APSIPA Transactions on Signal and Information Processing, 3, e19 doi:10.1017/ATSIP.2014.19.

You can read the full article at the link:

If you are using these tools, please quote the work above.

The detector is available in the repository:

The archive includes MATLAB files to generate the classifier, and some experimental data that were used in the simulations.
You will find features for the aligned multiple JPEG case with QF_N=75,80.

The archive does not include:
-UCID image database: go to the page
-code to read JPEG coefficients. If you need it, go to the page
-SVM classifier code: use the code SVMlight at or you can also use LIBSVM at The software is configured to use the first one.

These were not included for copyright issues.