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Dendrix We are a research group in the Department of Information Engineering
of University of Padova.

Our research is focused on Algorithms for Data Mining and their application to Bioinformatics and Computational Biology.

We design computational and statistical methods to solve problems that arise in the analysis of biological data, with a focus on problems involving massive data sets, such as the ones produced by next-generation sequencing technologies. While our primary focus is computational biology, we also work in more general areas of big data analytics, such as data mining and large network analysis.


Aug. 2019: Andrea's paper "Permutation Strategies for Mining Significant Sequential Patterns" has been accepted to ICDM 2019. Well done!

Aug. 2019: Leonardo and Fabio have given a tutorial with Matteo Riondato at KDD 2019 on Multiple Hypothesis Testing and Statistically-sound Pattern Mining.

Apr. 2019: Leonardo's paper "SPuManTE: Significant Pattern Mining with Unconditional Testing" has been accepted to KDD 2019. Fantastic collaboration with Matteo Riondato!

Jan. 2019: our work "Efficient Algorithms to Discover Alterations with Complementary Functional Association in Cancer" has been accepted to PLOS Computational Biology! Great collaboration with Rebecca Sarto Basso and Dorit Hochbaum.

Dec. 2018: our paper "Fast Approximation of Frequent k-mers and Applications to Metagenomics", led by Leonardo and in collaboration with Cinzia Pizzi, has been accepted to RECOMB 2019!

Jun. 2018: our paper "Differentially Mutated Subnetworks Discovery", with Morteza Chalabi and Eli Upfal, has been accepted to WABI 2018!

May 2018: two papers accepted at KDD 2018! One, Efficient Mining of the Most Significant Patterns with Permutation Testing, lead by Leonardo Pellegrina, and one MiSoSouP: Mining Interesting Subgroups with Sampling and Pseudodimension in collaboration with Matteo Riondato.

Jan. 2018: our paper "Efficient Algorithms to Discover Alterations with Complementary Functional Association in Cancer" has been accepted to RECOMB 2018!

March. 2018: our project Algorithms for Inferential Data Mining (PI: F. Vandin; total amount:€ 140,000) has been funded by the University of Padova within the STARS program!

Sept. 2017: our project Algorithms for Networks Analysis and Bioinformatics Applications (PI: F. Vandin; total amount:€ 54,000) has been funded by the University of Padova!


Fabio Vandin, Associate Professor
Department of Information Engineering
University of Padova
Via Gradenigo 6/A, I-35131 Padova, Italy

Room: 410 (4th floor)
Phone: +39-049-827-7946
E-mail: my mail

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