Full professor (Professore I fascia) at the University of Padova, Department of Information Engineering.

Research activities

Quantum optics, quantum communication and information, quantum key distribution.


I was born in 1979 in Vico Equense (Na). I graduated in Physics in July 2002 at the University of Torino, Theoretical Physics Department, with mark "110/110 lode e menzione." The same year I began the Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics at the University of Torino, doing research in the framework of String Theory. During the Ph.D. I won a Marie Curie Fellowship giving me the opportunity to continue my research at Nordita (Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics) in Copenhagen for 11 months.

I finished the Ph.D. in January 2006. From the following month I started to work in the quantum optics group of the University Sapienza of Roma, focusing my research activity in the generation and manipulation of two-photon entangled states. These states represent the fundamental resource for the quantum communication and computation applications.

From May 2011 to April 2019 I was Assistant Professor (Ricercatore) at the University of Padova, Department of Information Engineering. From May 2019 to January 2024 I was Associate Professor in the same department. I teach "Elementi di Fisica II" in the Computer Engineering course, "Quantum Information & Computing" in the cource ICT for Internet and Multimedia and "Quantum Cryptography & Security" in the cource Cybersecurity.