Sunday, September 20
17:00-20:00Check-in & Reception (“University Residential Center” - Via Frangipane, 4)
19:00-21:00Welcome Buffet (“Center Canteen” - Via Frangipane, 2)

Monday, September 21
07:30-08:45Breakfast (“Center Canteen”)
08:30-08:45Registration (“Fresco Room” - La Rocca, Via Frangipane, 6)
09:00-09:30Cognitive systems: a perspective
Pratap Pattnaik (IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center)
09:30-10:00Enabling design-space exploration for robot SLAM - for accuracy, performance and energy
 Paul Kelly (Imperial College London)
10:00-10:30Deriving models of automotive production through data analysis
Thomas Husslein (Optware)
11:00-11:30Runtime system requirements, challenges, and accomplishments for exascale
 Thomas Sterling (Indiana University)
11:30-12:00Directive-based parallel programming at exascale? Really?
Barbara Chapman (Stony Brook University and University of Houston)
12:00-12:30Mapping what we know on what we know: the case of GridTools
Mauro Bianco (CSCS, ETH Zurich)
13:00-14:30Lunch (“Center Canteen”)
15:00-15:30Cognitive computing and trans-Turing machines
 José E. Moreira (IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center)
15:30-16:00Streams, photos, sharing, and deep learning
Filippo Gioachin (Google)
16:30-18:00Discussion Session IA: Cognitive computing
 Coordinators: Adolfy Hoisie, Paul Kelly, and Saday Sadayappan
19:30-20:00Bus Trip (From Bertinoro to restaurant)
20:00-22:30Dinner, Casa Artusi, Via A. Costa 27/31, 47034 Forlimpopoli (0543 748049)

Tuesday, September 22
07:30-08:45Breakfast (“Center Canteen”)
09:00-09:30Performance and power modeling for energy efficient computing.
 Adolfy Hoisie (PNNL)
09:30-10:00Pervasive cognitive computing: the energy efficiency challenge
 Luca Benini (University of Bologna)
10:00-10:30 Energy vs time performances of HPC applications on low-power processors
Enrico Calore (University of Ferrara)
10:30-11:00Simulation and optimization of electric power devices: a practical example for high performance scientific computing
 Carsten Trinitis (TUM)
11:30-13:00Discussion Session IB: Cognitive computing
 Coordinators: Adolfy Hoisie, Paul Kelly, and Saday Sadayappan
13:00-14:30Lunch (“Center Canteen”)
15:00-19:30Excursion to Cesena
19:30-22:00Social Dinner, L’Alternativa di Carlo, Piazza Liberta’ 8, 47032 Bertinoro (0543 445856).

Wednesday, September 23
07:30-08:45Breakfast (“Center Canteen”)
09:00-09:30The TAO of parallelism in algorithms
 Keshav Pingali (University of Texas at Austin)
09:30-10:00New directions in BSP computing
Bill McColl (Huawei Research Center in Paris)
10:00-10:30A Practical parallel algorithm for diameter approximation of massive weighted graphs
Andrea Pietracaprina (University of Padova)
11:00-11:30Fully dynamic betweenness centrality
Vijaya Ramachandran (University of Texas at Austin)
11:30-12:00TRIÉST: Counting local and global triangles in fully-dynamic streams with fixed memory size
 Lorenzo De Stefani (Univeristy of Padova and Brown University)
12:00-12:30Data set dependence of the performance of parallel sparse matrix computations
 Saday Sadayappan (Ohio State University)
12:30-13:00Minimizing writes with non-volatile memories
 Oded Schwartz (Hebrew U.)
13:00-14:30Lunch (“Center Canteen”)
14:30-15:00Introducing the ECM diagnostic performance model
Jan Eitzinger (Friedrich-Alexander-Universitaet Erlangen-Nuernberg)
 Bradley Kuzmaul (MIT)
 Sven Bodo-Scholz (Heriot-Watt U.)
16:00-16:30The Road to Exascale (Bataan Death March or Road to Nirvana?)
Henry Tufo (U. Colorado Boulder)
17:00-18:30Discussion Session IIA: Scientific vs. cognitive computing
Coordinators: Barbara Chapman, Jose Moreira, and Bodo Scholz
18:30-19:00Visit to Bertinoro Inter-Faith Museum (La Rocca, Via Frangipane, 6)
20:00-22:00Dinner, Locanda della Fortuna, Via Frangipane 1, 47032 Bertinoro (0543 444456)

Thursday, September 24
07:30-08:45Breakfast (“Center Canteen”)
09:00-09:30Outline of the TCF architecture
Martti Forsell (University of Oulu)
09:30-10:00System level evaluation of an in-memory-processing architecture
 Dirk Pleiter (Jülich Supercomputing Center)
10:00-10:30An interconnection mode configurable data-flow processor
Lorenzo Verdoscia (CNR Napoli)
10:30-11:00Dynamic code generation for HPC
 Josef Weidendorfer (TUM)
11:30-13:00Discussion Session IIB: Scientific vs. cognitive computing
Coordinators: Barbara Chapman, Jose Moreira, and Bodo Scholz
13:00-14:30Lunch (“Center Canteen”)
19:30-21:30Dinner (“Center Canteen”)