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Defining the concept of ``Symbiocity''... if you wish to know more, please, take a look at ``Symbiocity: Smart Cities for Smarter Networks'', ArxXiv

Internet of Things for Smart Cities is currently the most popular paper of the IEEE Xplore digital library!

New promising topic: microfluidic switches! Stay tuned!


DEI - Dept. of Information Engineering, University of Padova, via Gradenigo n. 6/B, 35131, Padova, Italy.

phone: +39 049827 7770
email: zanella - AT -
skype: andrea.zanella

Short Bio

I was born in Padova, Italy, on November 1972. I received the Laurea degree in Computer Engineering (summa cum laude) in 1998, from the University of Padova, Italy, and I got the Ph.D. in Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering in 2002, defending my thesis on the "Analysis and Modeling of Wireless Data Networks" .

From December 2000 to September 2001 I was visiting scholar at the Department of Computer Science of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where I joined the research group of Prof. M. Gerla and investigated different topics related to Wireless Personal Networks, Bluetooth networks in particular, and Wireless Access to Internet. Successively, I received some post-doc grants and fellowships on topics related to wireless networks from the University of Padova and other italian research institutions. In 2003 I won a competition for a permanent position as Assistant Professor at the Department of Information Engineering of the University of Padova, and in 2014 I became Associate Professor, a position that I am still holding.

Research interests

My major interest is in the design and analysis of communication protocols for wireless networks and distributed systems. I have worked on many different issues related to such topics, spanning from the definition of mathematical models for physical radio links to the design and analysis of mechanisms for improving the transmission of Internet protocols (mainly TCP) over lossy connections. In particular, I have long experience in the modeling and performance analysis of WLANs and WPANs, cross-layer and cognitive protocols for multimedia transmissions over resource constrained networks, and localization algorithms for indoor wireless networks.

My research activity has been addressed both to academic and industrial research issues, and has produced more than 100 research papers appeared in international per-reviewed journals and conference proceedings, and some patents concerning protocols for the transmission of multimedia content over wireless networks. I have also contributed to a number of national and international research projects in the ICT area, and collaborated with several industries. Furthermore, I am one of the coordinators of the SIGnals and NETworking research lab (SIGNET), that I founded back in 2003.

More information concerning my research interests can be found in the Research page.

Professional Services

I was granted with the IEEE Senior member Grade in 2013.
Currently, I hold the following editorial appointments: Prior to that, I was in the Editor Board of ISRN Communications and Networking Journal from 2008 to 2014.
Furthermore, I have contributed to the organization of the following workshops I have been serving (and mostly still are) in the TPC of the major conferences in the field, included Finally, I serve as peer reviewer for the most important IEEE/ACM journals and international conferences in the ICT area, included


Besides research, I am also teaching some courses offered in the bachelor's and master's degree of the curriculum in Telecommunication Engineering. In the past, I have taught the course of Queueing Theory, and Multimedia Communications. Currently, I am teaching the course of Telecommunication Networks.