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Telecommunication Networks

The subject aims at providing basic knowledge of modern telecommunication architectures and protocols, with an eye on performance analysis and system dimensioning. Some of the topics that will be considered by the course are the following:
  • Fundamental communication paradigms (Circuit switched vs message/packet switched networks)
  • Basic traffic source modeling (www, mpeg, audio, FTP).
  • Medium Access Control and Data Link Layer protocols (Aloha, CSMA, Polling)
  • Scheduling algorithms
  • LAN structures and protocols (Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth)
  • TCP/IP protocols
The course entails both theoretical and practical lectures, with lab experience. Do you wonna know more about the course? Go to RTLC webpage! -->

Laboratorio di Internet e Multimedia (LIM)

The course provides a general knowledge about the structure and functioning of the Internet, and the techniques used to deliver multimedia content through a modern communication network. Through a series of well-designed lectures and lab experiences, the students will learn how to manage digital images, audio sources, and video sources, and how to create a (basic) internet multimedia service. Besides the theoretical knowledge, the course will equip the students with fundamental network management skills, and contribute to further develop the programming skills in MATLAB and JAVA.
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