Courses for PhD Students

In order to reach its goal the school organizes basic courses in mathematics and statistics and several other courses relevant for the research activities of the Ph.D. students. The offered courses are open to all the students, some of them are organized in order to treat new interdisciplinary matters in order to stimulate new research activities across the standard research areas.

A calendar of offered courses is available at the beginning of each year. This information is collected into a Catalogue which can be found at the end of the present page.

Requirements for Ph.D. Students entering the Graduate School of Information Engineering are:

  • Students are required to take courses from the Catalogue for a minimum of 80 hours (20 credits) during the first year of the Ph.D. program. Specifically, students are required to take for credit at least one out of the following three basic courses Applied Functional Analysis and Applied Linear Algebra during the first year of the Ph.D. program. Moreover, the course Statistical Methods is strongly recommended to all students.
  • After the first year, students are strongly encouraged (although not required) to take courses for at least 10 credits, possibly outside the present catalogue, according to their research interests.

In order to collect the required 20 credits it is also possible to choose some courses from the Catalogue of the Doctoral School in Mathematical Sciences, in particular from the "Courses of the school", "Computational Mathematics" "Mathematics" Areas. Please refer to the Doctoral School in Mathematical Sciences Website.

Students have to enroll in the courses they intend to take at least one month before the class starts. To enroll, it is sufficient to send an e-mail message to the secretariat of the school.

Students are expected to attend classes regularly. Punctuality is expected both from instructors and students.

Instructors have to report to the Director of Graduate Studies any case of a student missing classes without proper excuse.