Map of the Department

The Department consists of many buildings. These are usually marked either with a label (internally, by the Department), or with a number (by the University).

  • building DEI/A (the central building in via Gradenigo 6/B) - 00275
  • building DEI/G (the hystorical building of the Department in via Gradenigo 6/A) - 00280
  • building DEI/M (in the building complex of via Gradenigo) - 00271
  • building DEI/S (in the building complex of via Gradenigo) - 00273
  • building DEI/O (the building in via Ognissanti 72) - 01230

On the following simplified maps of the buildings you can locate classrooms, meeting rooms and common spaces.

The Aula Magna "A. Lepschy" is in building DEI/D, first floor.

Segretariat Offices are in DEI/A, first floor. See Contacts Page for details on opening hours and reservation.

In order to reach a laboratory (educational or research lab) you should consult the LABORATORY MAPS.

Gradenigo street buildings

(1) DIE Small Meeting Room, 2nd floor
(2) DIE Meeting Room, 1st floor
(3) DEI/G Meeting Room, 3rd floor
(4) DEI/D Meeting Room, 1rd floor
(5) 201 DEI/A Meeting Room, 2nd floor
(6) 301 DEI/A Meeting Room, 3rd floor
(7) Videoconferencing Room, 1st floor

DEI/O building