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Tesi & Tesine

Guida del Tesista/Tesinista


Circuiti e Sistemi Logici (in Italian)

You can find the offical web page of the course here


Intelligent Robotics (in Italian)

The course web site is here

Handout of the slides are provided. The slides are based on the slide of Prof. Bob Fisher of the University of Edinburgh.


Computer Networks (for Sistemi Informativi)

The module is held in the first quater within the course "Sistemi Informativi " of Prof. E. Pagello. The reference book is D. Comer "Internet e Reti di Calcolatori" edited by Addison-Weslay

You can find and un-official page of the course here



Practical works are offered to the student in this page (in Italian)


Please mail me if you need more information on these modules.