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Dendrix We are a research group in the Department of Information Engineering of University of Padova.

Our research is focused on Algorithms for Data Mining and Machine Learning and their application to Bioinformatics and Computational Biology.

We develop algorithms for fundamental tasks in big data analytics, for data mining, machine learning, and large network analysis. Moreover we design computational and statistical methods to solve problems that arise in the analysis of biological data, with a focus on problems involving massive data sets, such as the ones produced by next-generation sequencing technologies.

For students: if you are looking for research training/interships/theses opportunities, see the information at the Theses Opportunities page.


June 2023: we have been awarded a PRIN 2022 project " EXPAND: scalable algorithms for EXPloratory Analyses of heterogeneous and dynamic Networked Data" (PI: Fabio Vandin)

April 2023: The paper "caSPiTa: mining statistically significant paths in time series data from an unknown network", lead by Andrea Tonon, has been published in the journal oKnowledge and Information Systems!

January 2023: the paper "VC-dimension and Rademacher Averages of Subgraphs, with Applications to Graph Mining", lead by Paolo Pellizzoni, has been accepted to ICDE!


Fabio Vandin, Professor
Department of Information Engineering
University of Padova
Via Gradenigo 6/A, I-35131 Padova, Italy

Room: 410 (4th floor)
Phone: +39-049-827-7946
E-mail: my mail

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