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Students interested in pursuing a PhD on topics related to Algorithms in Bioinformatics are welcome to contact me. I am mainly interested on all aspects related to algorithms on strings (and sometimes graphs) and data structures, so there might also be opportunities to apply them in areas other than bioinformatics (for example I am also a member of the inter-departments center Human Inspired Technologies).

Current opportunities

Application for PhD is now closed, but you can find general information about the last call in italian , or in english (also here ). Note that usually PhD calls open in June.

Visiting students are welcome. I am currently the PI of the PRIN (Research Project of National Interst) project "Compositional approches for the characterization and analysis of omics data", financed by the Ministry of Education, University and Research. A post-doctoral position for 1 or 2 years on this project will soon open, but short visits could also be possible (contact me for more details if you are interested!)

Thesis are available for Laurea Triennale and Magistrale. The topics are mainly realated to Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, in particular to algorithmics aspects of problems emerging in these fields. However, some thesis are available also on other areas, such as Time series analysis of sensor data, or Quantitative narrative analysis for sociology (in collaboration with Emory University, USA). Thesis for Laurea Triennale can be either on state-of-the-art bibliographic search on some topic, or software development. Thesis for Laurea Magistrale usually include algorithms development and analysis and/or software implementation of state-of-the-art algorithms and related experiments. For more details send me an email.

Current people

Cinzia Pizzi, PI

Samuele Girotto, Research Fellow

Mattia Samory, Research Collaborator

Simone Spangaro, Master in Computer Science and Engineering

Filippo Gambarotto, Master in Computer Science and Engineering

Michele Gazzola, Bachelor in Information Engineering

Simone Stranieri, Bachelor in Information Engineering


Laxmi Parida, IBM T.J. Watson Center, NY, USA

Simona Rombo, Univ. of Palermo, Italy

Fabio Fassetti, Univ. of Calabria, Italy

Fabio Cunial, Max Plank Institute, Germany

Roberto Franzosi, Emory University, GA, USA

Alessandro Mammana, Illumina, UK

Past Master Students

Mattia Ornamenti, 2015, now in the industry

Daniele Bisello, 2015, now in the industry

Francesco Carbone, 2014, now holding a research contract

Giulio Fracasso, 2014, now in the industry

Daniele Barilaro, 2013, now in the industry

Alessandro Mammana, Student at Scuola Galileiana di Studi Superiori 2012, now PhD Student at Max Plank Institute, Germany

Manuel Barbares, 2011, now in the industry

Giordano Zornetta, 2008, now in the industry

Alessio Favaretto, 2007, now in the Industry

Luca Bonomi, 2006, now postdoc at University of California - San Diego, USA

Past Bachelor Students

Giovanni Savarese, 2016; Stefano Gennari, 2016 (co-tutoring with F.Vandin); Alberto Purpura, 2015; Roberto Campagnolo, 2015; Luca Schiappadini, 2013; Giorgio Vitale, 2013; Gabriele Pelizzari, 2013; Vasiar Allaj, 2013 now in the industry; Daniel Zucchetto, 2012 now PhD Student;

Research Publications ABCLab Software Teaching Contacts