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FSH: Fast Spaced Seed Hashing

CLIOR: Higher Recall in Metagenomic Sequence Classification Exploiting Overlapping Reads

MetaProb: accurate metagenomic reads binning based on probabilistic sequence signatures

MissMax: alignment-free sequences comparison with mismatches through filtering and heuristics

MOODS a very efficient and user-friendly tool to search position weight matrices PWM (also known as position specific scoring matrices (PSSM), and also as weighted patterns, and also as profiles!). Designed when I was in Finland!

MOST: MOtif Searching Tool My first steps into bioinformatics... maybe no longer the state of the art, but at the time it was Cover Paper on Nucleic Acid Research!

DyWeb: dyad searching tool

Linear time Entropic Profiler

Research Publications ABCLab Software Teaching Contacts