Courses for PhD Students

Coursework Requirements
Ph.D. students entering in October 2017 (33° cycle) or later are required to take courses for at least 20 credits for their degree over the following time span:

  • at least 10 credits by the end of the first year;
  • a total of at least 20 credits by the end of the second year.

The coursework must also satisfy the following requirements:

  • Soft Skills Courses: at least 5 credits should come from courses belonging to the Soft Skills area; students should also attend at least three seminars of the Ph.D. Seminar Series and two modules of the Summer Week event.
  • External Courses: up to a maximum of 5 credits may be earned by taking external courses (i.e. courses not listed in the Course Catalogue) falling in the following categories:
    • Courses appearing in the list of External Courses approved by the School Council;
    • Courses from other Ph.D. School catalogues (provided they include a final exam with grading);
    • Other external courses might be considered after submission of a written request by the student. Requests submitted by November 30th and May 31st will be evaluated by the School Council in December and June, respectively. Students should obtain their Supervisor approval before submitting a request. Only courses including a final exam with grading will be considered.
  • Ph.D. School Courses: at least 10 credits should be earned by taking courses listed in the Course Catalogue not belonging to the Soft Skills area.

Each first-year student must fill a tentative program of study form and submit it to the Ph.D. School Secretariat within December 31st. The program of study may be subsequently modified by submitting a new form up to June 30th of the second year.

Students are expected to attend classes regularly. Punctuality is expected both from instructors and students. Instructors have to report to the Coordinator of the Ph.D. School students missing classes without proper excuse.