Seminars and Seasonal Schools

The Department periodically organizes meeting occasions and public debates in order to verify the coherence of its research activities with the most up-to-date international strategic lines and trends, and also with the demands of the local community and local industries. Such occasions are also intended as a stimulus for youngest researchers, such as Ph.D. and Post-Doc students.

In this respect, the major initiatives are:

  • Distinguished Lectures offered by esteemed international scientists
  • Colloquia weekly presentations, offered by researchers of the Department, and opened to industries and other research centers
  • Guest seminars, offered by guest researchers at the Department

All Ph.D. students are strongly encouraged to attend these seminars.

Seasonal Schools
It is usual practice to organize national meetings, here called Seasonal Schools, where Ph.D. students from a specific research area can attend lectures, present their work, and build businness relationships. The most important initiatives are:

All Ph.D. students are strongly encouraged to attend the Seasonal Schools relevant to their research interests.