Distinguished Lecturer Series 2018

The Department of Information Engineering is proud to present the Distinguished Lecturer Series 2018 The Distinguished Lecturer Series, active since 2004, is an annual program of high impact lectures where internationally renowned scholars are invited to discuss cutting-edge research in ICT and neighboring disciplines.

Distinguished Lecturer Series 2018.pdf

Probabilistic and Deep Learning Techniques for Mobile Robots

Future Wireless Services satisfying requirements in “Health” and “Smart City” applications

The Road to a New Medicine: Interfaces Between Engineering, Biology and Pharmacology in Drug Development



The Department of Information Engineering will soon (beginning of May) open a call to assign research grants to promote the participation of young researchers in ERC calls.

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SSIE 2018 - Summer School of Information Engineering

Similarity Search

Similarity search concerns with finding similar objects in large datasets, and it plays a crucial role in data mining, machine learning, statistical estimation, information retrieval, and pattern recognition. Similarity search however is resource intensive due to the large size of datasets and to the high dimensionality of objects.Some areas of investigation include:


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