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Postdoctoral positions in Program Analysis, Verification

Dal 16.10.2019 al 31.12.2019

Virginia Tech

Multiple postdoctoral positions are available with the Systems Software Research Group ( at Virginia Tech ( on projects on program analysis and verification. A particular focus of the positions is verification of binary programs and compiler intermediate representations through decompilation, reasoning about program behaviors using techniques such as abstract interpretation, and verification of security properties using techniques such as model checking and theorem proving. Additional thrusts include verified decompilation and verified recompilation.

Recent computer science/engineering PhD graduates with a background and publication record in program analysis, verification, and compilers are sought. Background in abstract interpretation, model checking, theorem proving, and decompilation, and tool experiences are highly desirable. The positions have no teaching obligations. For the right candidate, a research faculty position may also be possible.

Interested candidates are requested to contact Prof. Binoy Ravindran ( with a CV or for any questions.