Research Phd Students

Dal 06.06.2022 al 31.10.2022

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The University of Texas at Dallas - Department of
Bioengineering - Tissue Mechanics and Remodeling (TMR) Laboratory

Descrizione Posizione Offerta:
PI: Jacopo Ferruzzi, PhD
To expand my research group, I need motivated student to conduct experiments
in my lab and implement the theoretical models needed to interpret our
I currently have a PhD student and are looking for new students.
I would like to give an opportunity to a student from Italy who has good
academic references and who is motivated enough to want to PhD studies here
in U.S. The PhD program takes 5 to 6 years, during wich time the student's
salary is covered by the Department of Bioengineering and my personal founds.

Biomedical engineering is a highly multidisciplinary area.
I am looking for:
Students from all areas of engineering, especially biomedical, mechanical and
civil, but also students of biology or biotechnology.
Knowledge of the English language is required (even not perfect) is quite

Place of work The University of Texas at Dallas - Erik Jonsson School of
Engineering and Computer Science
Dallas - TX

mail: jacopo.ferruzzi@utdallas.edu
twitter: @jacopoferruzzi

Contatto per Candidature: jacopo.ferruzzi@utdallas.edu