Quantum Information and Control

This line of research focuses on quantum systems, their control and their applications in information technologies. In particular, we are interested in the study of models for quantum open systems that include noise and measurement processes, as well as open-loop and feedback control. The tasks of interest include robust state preparation, noise suppression and information encoding in physical systems. Key issues we consider include assessing scalability, speed and robustness of the control strategies. Ongoing research projects aim to study:  


  • Stabilization of entangled states on networks and applications;
  • Stochastic stability and speed of convergence for classical and quantum models;
  • Quantum walks on graphs, their simulation and their advantages;
  • Application of machine learning techniques to quantum system identification and simulation.


Homepage:  http://www.dei.unipd.it/~ticozzi/F._Ticozzis_Website/Research.html


People: Francesco Ticozzi (contact person), Augusto Ferrante, Giacomo Baggio, Mattia Zorzi