Research activities:

  • MAC/routing protocols design for mmwave and full-duplex communications
  • Dynamic content caching and distribution
  • Performance optimization in HetNet scenarios
  • Context-aware protocol design
  • Predictive and context-aware handover strategies


People: Michele Zorzi (contact person), Andrea Zanella, Leonardo Badia

This topic addresses the application of advanced machine-learning techniques and, in particular, of generative unsupervised neural networks to the network optimization (see

  • Cognition-Based Networking (COBANET).
  • Dynamic spectrum access
  • Context and content-aware video streaming management
  • Cognitive management of Software Defined Networks (SDNs)


People: Michele Zorzi (contact person), Michele Rossi, Andrea Zanella, Leonardo Badia, Simone Friso

  • Management of complex networks: distributed transport layer (video caching), very dense MIMO, network coding and content sharing
  • Applications of game theory to complex networks: network formation based on individual incentives, exchange of information and services, collaboration via social recognition
  • Epidemic models: spread of viral content, characterization of security threats in distributed systems, cellular automata
  • Brain networks and their structure: distributed signal processing, clustering of neurons


People: Leonardo Badia (contact person)

  • Machine-to-Machine communications
  • Software architectures for IoT solutions
  • Energy harvesting
  • Energy efficient protocols
  • In-node signal processing
  • Data analytics techniques for information extraction from IoT data


People: Michele Zorzi (contact person), Lorenzo Vangelista, Michele Rossi, Andrea Zanella

Design of smart city services:

  • Smart City service characterization and QoS requirements
  • Traffic modeling for Smart City applications
  • Protocols interoperability in Smart City scenarios
  • Low Power Wide Area Networks technologies
  • Experimentation of Smart City services


People: Lorenzo Vangelista (contact person), Michele Rossi, Michele Zorzi, Andrea Zanella

  • Characterization and modeling of the underwater acoustic channel
  • Protocol design for underwater communications
  • Development of simulation modules for underwater communications
  • Experimentation of underwater networks


People: Michele Zorzi (contact person), Roee Diamant