Optoelectronic devices


GaN-based optoelectronic devices (LEDs, laser diodes)

  • Study of the physical mechanisms that limit the internal quantum efficiency of GaN-based LEDs and laser diodes emitting in the visible, NUV and DUV spectral region, based on combined EL, differential carrier lifetime, deep level transient spectroscopy measurements.
  • Analysis of the reliability-limiting mechanisms in GaN-based LEDs and lasers: characterization of defects, analysis of the failure modes, definition of models for the degradation processes, failure analysis; study of the effects of EOS and ESD at device and system level.
  • System level analysis of GaN LEDs and lasers, aimed at maximizing of efficiency and reliability: thermal characterization (IR mapping, true estimation of junction temperature), optical simulation, impact of driving conditions on system reliability, material issues related to high-power lighting systems (phosphors, package, lenses).

People: Matteo Meneghini, Enrico Zanoni, Gaudenzio Meneghesso, Carlo De Santi



Silicon Photonics

Silicon-photonic devices represent the core elements for future compact and highly efficient telecommunication systems. Those devices exploit the integration of III-V IR optical sources with the design and manufacturing framework offered by the Silicon growth process commonly employed for consumer electronics products. To this aim, different integration strategies have been developed and optimized both at research and industry level. While from a performance perspective state-of-the-art devices show a clear advantage over conventional IR sources, their widespread adoption is still limited by their long-term reliability. Therefore, part of our research activity is aimed at characterizing and identifying the physical mechanisms responsible for the degradation of this novel family of devices during their useful lifetime.


People: Matteo Meneghini, Enrico Zanoni, Gaudenzio MeneghessoCarlo De Santi




Organic Light Emitting Diodes

  • Electro-optical characterization of the performance of the devices by DC and transient measurements (Impendance spectroscopy and DLTS), the analysis of the effect of temperature on the characteristics of the devices, the impendance analysis.
  • Modeling and simulation of the devices.
  • Reliability study by means of DC and pulsed stress tests, thermal stress and UV exposure.

Homepage: http://most.dei.unipd.it

People: Andrea Cester