Quantum Information and Applied Optics

Quantum Information
The Quantum Communication group is actively researching in the field of quantum information and quantum optics. The group gathered within the Strategic Research Project QuantumFuture of the University of Padova and the Strategic Project QUINTET of the Department of Information Engineering, University of Padova. 

The group is focused on several topics: quantum communication in Space with satellites, free-space and fiber; quantum protocols exploiting entangled photons; generation of random numbers by quantum processes; quantum control.


People: Paolo Villoresi (contact person), Roberto Corvaja, Augusto Ferrante, Nicola Laurenti, Francesco Ticozzi, Giuseppe Vallone



Applied optics
Optical tools for applications such as:

- laser processing (laser writing, welding, cutting);

- generation and manipulation of optical beam with orbital angular momentum; 

- pointing, acquisition and tracking for free-space optical and quantum communication;


People: Paolo Villoresi, Giuseppe Vallone

Further activities in collaboration with the IFN-CNR Luxor laboratory are described here: http://www.pd.ifn.cnr.it/research