Modeling, Identification and Control of Physiological Systems

This research area deals with the use of mathematical modeling techniques to develop and validate mathematical models able to either simulate the behavior of complex, dynamical biological systems, or to estimate key parameters usable to quantify physiological processes. Depending on the aim and the available experimental data, the models can be whole-body, organ/tissues, cellular or multiscale, formulated as ordinary or partial differential equations, deterministic or stochastics, minimal or large scale. Modeling analysis includes the a priori identifiability of model structure, the study of system dynamics and bifurcations and the application of parameter estimation techniques, including Nonlinear Mixed Effect methods.



Chiara Dalla Man, Associate professor

Morten Gram Pedersen, Associate professor

Michele Schiavon, Assistant professor

Roberto Visentin, Assistant professor

Alberto Giaretta, Post Doc

Edoardo Faggionato, PhD Student

Davide Romeres, PhD Student

Jacopo Bonet, Research collaborator