Signal Processing & Networking

The SIGNET research group addresses several challenges in the broad domain of signal processing and wireless networking, with emphasis on the design of communication protocols, edge computing, sensing, and the analysis of complex networks.

The research group features researchers of various levels of seniority and diverse research interests spanning modern wireless systems (5G/6G), wireless sensing, Internet of Things, mobile and autonomous networks, vehicular and aerial networks, human data sensing and analysis, radar sensing for indoor/outdoor spaces, green communication systems, edge computing, complex networks, cognitive networking, microfluidic networking, and others.

Topics of special interest are the analysis of environmental data from wireless sensor/IoT systems, from Wearable technology and unobtrusive sensing systems such as mm-wave radars or Wi-Fi radios, thermal cameras, LIDARs, IMUs, etc. Environmental/human sensing activities are tightly coupled with edge computing and smart cities.

Machine learning and signal processing techniques are widely studied and profitably utilized in most of the above topics.


  • Leonardo Badia: Complex Networks, Game Theory.
  • Giulia Cisotto: human data sensing and analysis, signal processing for human neural networks, brain networks, e-health.
  • Michele Rossi: wireless sensing (indoor/outdoor radars), human sensing, human data analysis, edge computing, green computing, wireless sensing systems.
  • Lorenzo Vangelista: Lora, IoT, Smart Cities, 5G/6G.
  • Andrea Zanella: Microfluidics, Networking, 5G/6G, Sensing Systems/IoT.
  • Michele Zorzi: Underwater Networks, mm-wave communications and networking, cognitive networking, IoT, sensing systems, 5G/6G.


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