Telecommunications have experienced a huge growth in the last century, finding pervasive applications and shaping our daily life. The core of communications pertains to the techniques to elaborate data signals (including multimedia) and to convey them over the wireless and fiber optic links that form local and global networks (Internet). Various disciplines find here their fertile ground: information theory explores the theoretical potentials and limits of communication; physics and engineering meet in the study of transmission by electromagnetic waves, photonics components and quantum phenomena; advance mathematics is applied in network modeling, coding for compression and error correction of signals, and solutions to support security and privacy. Tremendous innovations are continuously underway in these fields, supporting faster, cheaper, more reliable communications. The widespread adoption of these technologies enables new surprising applications that significantly exploit communications and networks, such as e-health solutions, virtual reality, and Internet of Things.

The success of the Internet and its social applications have created new opportunities for the telecommunication engineers, whose expertise and background are fundamental tools for the study and characterization of multimedia communications, social and economic networks, epidemiology and diffusion of information among people.





Antennas and microwaves

Digital Communications and Cellular Systems

Optical and quantum communications 


Security & Navigation

Signal Processing & Multimedia

Signal Processing & Networking