Integrated circuits for analog and radiofrequency microsystems (ICARUS)

Radio frequency circuits for 5G and radar applications
Design and prototyping in CMOS and BiCMOS technologies of building blocks for: wide band transceivers for 5G multi-standard radios; high-resolution and automotive radars; ultra-low phase noise frequency generation for cellular network backhaul.

Ultra low power radios for Internet of Things
Design and prototyping of fully integrated transceivers based on UWB Impulse Radio technology for short-range, low data-rate applications with extremely demanding power and energy constraints.

Integrated CMOS dc-dc converters
Switching converters with dual input polarity in CMOS technology for low-power energy-harvesting applications; reconfigurable architectures for switched-capacitor dc-dc converters with a high level of integration.

Integrated circuits for biomedical applications
CMOS radar front-end for microwave medical imaging; low-power delta-sigma A/D converters for sensor readout channels; implantable multichannel neural stimulators with wireless power and data transfer for retinal prosthesis.


People: Andrea Neviani (contact person), Andrea Bevilacqua, Andrea Gerosa, Daniele Vogrig