Intelligent Robotics and Autonomous Systems

This research area embraces robotics ranging from intelligent perception to autonomous task and motion planning and human-robot interaction.


Specific fields:

  • Robot Vision: analysis of 2D and 3D images for robotic applications
  • Industrial Robotics: task and motion planning in industrial scenarios, visual inspection for industrial production
  • Motion Planning: efficient collision and obstacle avoidance algorithms for autonomous robots to safely move through an unstructured environment
  • Neurorobotics: Cutting-edge research on novel human-robot interfaces to decode user's intentions from neural signals and to integrate them with robot's intelligence.
  • Educational Robotics: education courses for teachers oriented to robotics-enhanced constructivist learning theory in primary and secondary schools, in order to enable teachers to implement robotics-enhanced constructivist learning in school classrooms.


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Stefano Ghidoni

Emanuele Menegatti

Michele Moro

Alberto Pretto

Luca Tonin