Functional and Anatomical Imaging Research for Neuroscience

Neuroimaging is a crucial method of investigation for studying the human brain in healthy and impaired populations. Cutting edge improvements in imaging are, for instance, integral to intervention and prognostication in the neuro-oncology field. Our research activities include development and application of statistical methods for modeling and integrate the complexity of the physiological information provided from MRI, PET and electrocortical data. Part of the research activity is also dedicated to the analysis through generative models and information-theoretic approaches of dynamic dependencies in complex systems such as the brain in order to understand how emerging properties arise from interactions.


Alessandra Bertoldo, Associate professor

Mattia Veronese, Associate Professor

Erica Silvestri, Post Doc

Ilaria Mazzonetto, Post Doc

Danilo Benozzo, Post Doc

Manuela Moretto, PhD Student

Stefano Bovo, PhD Student

Umberto Villani, PhD Student

Andrea Bettinelli, PhD Student

Giorgia Baron, PhD Student