Advanced solid-state devices

Wide Band-gap Devices for RF and energy efficiency

Study of GaN based and Ga2O3 transistors for RF and power applications, and of high-voltage/high current SiC devices.

Analysis of the trapping processes that limit the dynamic performance of the devices, based on current-DLTS, capacitance-DLTS, optical-DLTS, backgating investigation; development of physical models of the charge-trapping processes; study of the interface traps by C-V, Dit and Vth transient measurements; analysis of issues related to devices with Schottky, insulated and p-type gate.

Study of the lifetime-limiting mechanisms in GaN- and SiC-based transistors and diodes; time-dependent dielectric breakdown, instability of the p-type and insulator layers, hot electron effects (studied by electroluminescence), failure analysis.

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People: Enrico Zanoni, Gaudenzio Meneghesso, Matteo Meneghini, Carlo De Santi

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Organic Thin-Film Transistor and BioSensors

Characterization of OTFT and BioSensors by means of standard DC, AC and transient measurements, such as EIS (Electrochemical Impendance Spectroscopy) and DLTS (Deep level transient spectroscopy).

Modeling of OTFT and BioSensors by means of simulations, physical models, circuital models, impendance models.

Reliability study of OTFT by means of accelerated electrical stress, light and UV exposure, thermal storage.


People: Andrea Cester