Advanced solid-state devices

Research activities:

  • Characterization of GaN based transistors for RF and power applications, and of high-voltage/high current SiC devices.
  • Analysis of the trapping processes that limit the dynamic performance of the devices, based on current-DLTS, capacitance-DLTS, optical-DLTS, backgating investigation; development of physical models of the charge-trapping processes; study of the interface traps by C-V, Dit and Vth transient measurements; analysis of issues related to devices with Schottky, insulated and p-type gate.
  • Study of the lifetime-limiting mechanisms in GaN- and SiC-based transistors and diodes; time-dependent dielectric breakdown, instability of the p-type and insulator layers, hot electron effects (studied by electroluminescence), failure analysis.

People: Enrico Zanoni (contact person), Gaudenzio Meneghesso, Matteo Meneghini

  • Characterization of OTFT and BioSensors by means of standard DC, AC and transient measurements, such as EIS (Electrochemical Impendance Spectroscopy) and DLTS (Deep level transient spectroscopy).
  • Modeling of OTFT and BioSensors by means of simulations, physical models, circuital models, impendance models.
  • Reliability study of OTFT by means of accelerated electrical stress, light and UV exposure, thermal storage.


People: Andrea Cester (contact person), Gaudenzio Meneghesso

  • Design and fabrication of novel sensors
  • Characterization and performance optimization of sensors
  • Electrical and finite elements modeling of electrochemical sensor systems
  • Electrochemical/optical characterization of enzymatic biosensors for lactic acid detection
  • Spectro-electrochemical study of biomolecules (DNA, proteins, antibodies, enzymes) immobilization on sensor surfaces
  • Chemicals and biochemical UV-Visible spectroscopy measurements
  • Voltammetric and amperometric characterization of electrodes surfaces
  • Fluorescence microscope imaging


People: Giulio Rosati (contact person), Alessandro Paccagnella