Robotics & Mechatronics

Research activities:

The research focuses on multi-agent robotics for exploration, map building and patrolling of unstructured and unknown environments. In particular, we are interested in understanding the benefits of the use of multiple cooperating robots in terms of improved localization from relative measurements, reduced time-to-map and scalability. Other fundamental aspects under investigation are robustness to unreliable communication and scalability. Ongoing research projects are the following:

  • Distributed and asynchronous localization from relative measurements
  • Parametric and non-parametric dynamic map-estimation
  • Adaptive multi-agent patrolling and sampling
  • Swarm control


People: Ruggero Carli (contact person), Alessandro Cenedese, Gianluigi Pillonetto, Luca Schenato

Focus of the research activity is the development of advanced modeling and control approaches for mechatronic systems, in an integrated approach where the interplay of components of different nature is taken into consideration since the early development stages. Integration of hardware and embedded software components is a specific feature of the design approach.
The research activities include:

  • Vibration estimation and compensation in mechanical systems, induced by motor torque ripple and excitation of natural modes of the mechanical structure.
  • Development of virtual prototyping environments for multiphisycs, mecahtronic systems
  • Research on dielectric elastomer manipulator for space applications
  • Modeling, design control (standard PID and machine learning based controllers) and testing


People: Angelo Cenedese (contact person), Alessandro Beghi, Ruggero Carli

This research is focused on the modeling and control of terrestrial and aerial unmanned vehicles and ranges from the identification of the system to the design of control laws for autonomous operation of the vehicle both as a single unit and in cooperation with other agents of the same or different nature.
Ongoing research activities include:

  • Path planning for terrestrial and aerial vehicles
  • Attitude estimation for UAVs
  • Docking control for UAVs


People: Angelo Cenedese (contact person), Ruggero Carli