Research activities:

The proliferation of wideband connections, while opening the market to a large number of innovative web-based applications, also turns any home PC into a target for intrusions and drafting into botnets. Furthermore, the "Connected World" vision at the very base of both the Internet of Things and the Cyber-Physical systems makes every object both a target for an attack and a possible injection point for malware. Thus, the capability to exchange electronic data in a secure framework is a basic requirement of the economy of our modern society, and impacts on several other fields (e.g. military and e-government). Our group focuses on:

  • Green, Energy-Aware Security
  • Security in mobile and wearable devices
  • Security in mobile, wireless networks.

People: Mauro Migliardi (contact person), Carlo Ferrari, Loris Nanni

The distributed nature of peer-to-peer and ad-hoc networks makes "securing" them against the activities of even a small fraction of malicious users particularly challenging.

  • Time coordination in P2P and ad-hoc networks
  • "Physical" information transport in mobile networks
  • Secure Distributed Hash Tables (DHTs)
  • Secure distributed voting systems

People: Enoch Peserico (contact person)