Research activities:

  • Coding with finite block-length. Coding/decoding methods are today able to reach the Shannon capacity limit for large block lengths. But what is the limit at smaller block lengths, and are we able to reach it? This is the aim of this research that builds upon some recent results by Polyanskiy, Poor and Verdu.


People: Tomaso Erseghe (contact person)

  • Quantum communications. Study of the theory of quantum communications with coherent and Gaussian states. Analysis and design of quantum communication systems for free space links. Implementation of quantum receivers.
  • Quantum key distribution. Study of quantum key distribution algorithms. Quantum key distribution and security in satellite communications.

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People: Nicola Laurenti (contact person), Roberto Corvaja

  • Information theoretic secrecy for OFDM/MIMO systems
  • Unconditionally secure cryptographic key agreement
  • Channel-based authentication
  • Quantum key agreement
  • Authentication and integrity protection for satellite navigation signals.


People: Nicola Laurenti (contact person), Stefano Tomasin

  • 5G Networks. Massive MIMO: analysis of physical layer aspects, Advanced,  transmission techniques for 5G, Cross-layer solutions
  • Cooperative transmission. Analysis of the theoretical capacity enhancement achievable by coordinated transmission schemes and study of the impairments in practical environments. Study of solution with partial cooperative transmission by clusters of cells  


People: Nevio Benvenuto (contact person), Stefano Tomasin, Roberto Corvaja, Silvano Pupolin